David is an amazing find and Real Estate Superstar! Energetic, professional and super-knowledgeable about seemingly all of Los Angeles real estate, David always seems to have a stack of hot MLS print-outs he is checking out. Although we haven't actually bought a place yet, David has showed us around to a few places (with gracious hospitality I might add) and helped a few friends find homes. He also puts together real estate investment package investments as well. The Bottom Line: I would definitely trust David with finding a home or real estate investment.

Ryan K., MBA Surety Financial Services

I was looking for a place to get a document notarized and Yelp found a few notaries near me in Santa Monica. After reading the positive reviews on Advantage RE, my mind was made up. David R. was great! We also chatted about Real Estate since my goal is to purchase property on the West Side in the future. I will definitely be giving David a call once I save up money for a down payment!

Nelson C.,

David is very knowledgeable, honest and responsive. When you work with David, he comes to the table with vast experience in the real estate industry with provides the client with a much more favorable outcome on any transaction. He is certainly a real pro. Highly recommend.

David is very good at offering services and references who understand how to get things done in the easiest possible manner. This translates into less time wasted for the buyer/seller. More importantly it allows his recommended escrow officers, appraisers and lenders the ability to offer affordable services, as they will not be boggged down in teaching everyone how to proceed.