Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Real Estate investment opportunities in California.

Become a Real Estate Investor today!

The underlying objective of  our Real Estate Investor LLC’s is to acquire properties with little or no financial encumbrance; use the cash flow from the initial acquisition as operating capital and as a source of income toward the return on investment. Funds raised for this venture will be used for purchasing real estate investments properties outright and executing the conversion of all utility services to separate metering if feasible.


If the property is leveraged at acquisition or sometime later, leveraging will not exceed 65% loan to value. Low leveraging will allow for good cash flow while providing the down payment for the next potential property.

Our real estate investments are designed as long term investments as such the encumbrance does not exceed 65% loan to value.

It is the Managers’ plan for the LLC to operate its buildings and use every means to increase rents and turn over tenants as quickly as possible. Potential properties most likely will be distressed foreclosures in the county of Los Angeles and the greatest opportunity is appreciation over the next 6 to 10 years.


The primary concern will be to preserve capital, and then to enhance the return for the members.


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