Hard Money Loans

Non-Recourse Hard Money Loans

Your self-directed IRA account can now be leveraged with hard money to fund and refinance your Southern California investment properties and rentals. Advantage Real Estate offers non-recourse hard money loans in both our short term rehabber program and long term rental program. This is an incredible opportunity to diversify your IRA without committing all of your IRA funds to one place.

Non Recourse Hard Money Lender

Non-recourse loans are loans in which the beneficiary is not held personally liable for financing. These loans use the property as collateral. Self-directed IRA custodians and administrators require leverage held in an IRA to be non recourse. Advantage Real Estate is qualifying the self-directed account as well as the borrower for these loans. Contact us today for our hard money loan rates.

Self-Directed IRA Non Recourse Loans

Talk to your self-directed IRA custodian or administrator to find out more about non-recourse loans in your IRA. Most IRA firms have specific guidelines, minimum holding requirements, and vesting guidelines they want you to follow. It's also extremely important to talk with your financial advisor and/or CPA to fully understand tax ramifications of leverage in your IRA including UBIT (Unrelated Business Taxable Income).